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Married With Children: Legal Planning Information for Families

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You are now working towards large legal decisions: creating a will, planning for children, saving for retirement.

Parenting and the Law

As a new parent, you will need the law more than ever. Take a look at some of the areas it touches.

Real Estate

Considering becoming a home owner? Or buying into a vacation home or timeshare? There are various legal issues to consider.

Estate Planning

Planning your estate ahead of time will not only save your family the emotional stress of a funeral but can also save you money now.

Do I Need an Attorney?

So you think you may need a lawyer? There are many situations that require the assistance of a lawyer, most dealing with unresolved disputes, legal controversies, and questions or encounters with the law.


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Legal Tip

Moving into your first apartment or home is an exciting time but are you covered in case of an emergency? Renter's or homeowner's insurance can help repair or replace your valuables in case an accident occurs.

More Legal Topics

Employment: Whether at the same job or looking to make a move, learn your legal rights on this important topic.

Family & Medical Leave Act: Whether it is time for your family or personal emergency, learn how FMLA protects you.

Parental Liability: In some instances, you may face criminal or civil responsibility for your children's actions, learn when this happens and how to legally protect yourself.

Tips for Children of Aging Parents: Planning is essential. Ease the burden on yourself and your parents by looking ahead at these important issues.

Personal Injury: Issues with personal injuries happen at any stage of life. Your legal recovery can also help your physical recovery.

Criminal Law: The criminal justice system can be intimidating and even frightening if you don't understand the laws, rules and procedures that govern it. Here's a plain English look at this topic.

Traffic Violations: Traffic tickets can seem minor, but can have a major impact: fines, suspension or revocation and other major repercussions.

Adoption: Families start in different ways, whether just curious about adoption and fertility or already investigating this topic, there's a lot to know.