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Ages 65+ or Retirement: Legal Planning Information for Retirees

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Whether actually retired or just working less, this stage looks at important issues dealing with social security, retirement and planning for others.


Retirement can be a very exciting time after many years of working. The law touches many aspects of retirement and being smart about your planning can help you and your loved ones make the most of this time.

Elder Law & Aging

Elder law includes a wide variety of legal topics concerning older Americans. You may need help figuring out where to live, healthcare options, and who can make important decisions for you on your behalf.

Life After Death

Planning for death is never easy but can help ease the emotional and financial strain on your family after you pass. Here are some important topics to consider

Do I Need an Attorney?

So you think you may need a lawyer? There are many situations that require the assistance of a lawyer, most dealing with unresolved disputes, legal controversies, and questions or encounters with the law.


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Legal Tip

Have a will in place? That's great…but when was the last time you updated it? Keeping your will current is the best way to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of.

More Legal Topics

Medicare: An option for many older Americans, learn about Medicare here.

Changing A Will: Updating your will is easier than you think but make sure that you actually execute the changes you may have decided on in your mind!

Social Security Disability: A surprising number of people suffer from disabilities that affect their ability to work, many becoming disabled before they reach retirement age. Social Security disability can help.

Seniors Money & Property: Helpful information related to money and property assets of older Americans.

Personal Injury: Issues with personal injuries happen at any stage of life. Your legal recovery can also help your physical recovery.

Criminal Law: The criminal justice system can be intimidating and even frightening if you don't understand the laws, rules and procedures that govern it. Here's a plain English look at this topic.