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Young & Single: Legal Planning Information for Young Adults

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Young Adults take on legal responsibilities  and tackle legal issues as and part of navigating your way through adult life.  Planning ahead and making informed legal decisions can help.

Getting Your First Job

Getting your first job mean taking on new responsibilities. From paychecks to harassment, there are a lot of legal issues that you will be experiencing for the first time.

Credit Cards

Just as quickly as owning a credit card can help build your credit, it can ruin it too. Responsible use of a credit card can be extremely helpful at this time in your life but be careful you don't abuse this resource.


The law touches almost every aspect of your time as a renter or landlord. In addition to being governed by a contract, renters have other rights. Here are some helpful resources to help you navigate your time as a renter.

Do I Need an Attorney?

So you think you may need a lawyer? There are many situations that require the assistance of a lawyer, most dealing with unresolved disputes, legal controversies, and questions or encounters with the law.


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Legal Tip

Moving into your first apartment or home is an exciting time but are you covered in case of an emergency? For less than $2 a day you can insure your valuables in case an accident occurs.

More Legal Topics

Employment: Learn your legal rights as you embark on your career.

International Travel: Seeing the world is a priority for many young and single individuals. Make sure you have your legal resources in order before you take off.

Personal Injury: Issues with personal injuries happen at any stage of life. Your legal recovery can also help your physical recovery.

Traffic Violations: Traffic tickets can seem minor, but can have a major impact: fines, suspension or revocation and other major repercussions.

Living Together: Living together can sometimes result in legal issues unforeseen at the time a couple decides to move in together.

Criminal Law: The criminal justice system can be intimidating and even frightening if you don't understand the laws, rules and procedures that govern it. Here's a plain English look at this topic.

Real Estate: Find out what you need to know about renter's rights, finding the right mortgage, home equity loans, foreclosure, and a host of other real estate issues.

DUI: A DUI charge can have a serious impact on your life. That's why it's so important to understand the law, your rights and your legal options when facing such charges.

Student Loans: Learn about the many student loan repayment options available to you.

Auto Insurance: Protect yourself and your vehicle and determine which type of auto insurance is best for you.